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          Logicsoft offers end-to-end eGovernance, Food Traceability, Data Analytics & Science, Blockchain Development, Product Engineering and Cloud Infrastructure Management Services.

          Our Services


          Logicsoft has been a reliable and effective partner to a few Government of India organizations like Agricultural and Processed Food Products Export Development Authority (APEDA)

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          Traceability System for Grapes exported to European Union from India.Logicsoft, has designed, developed and implemented a first of its kind software solution.

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          Data Analytics & Science

          We at Logicsoft apply advanced analytics to convert your historical and real-time, traditional and big data into insights.With our experience of handling traditional Data Analytics

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          Blockchain Application Development

          Blockchain, the latest disruptive technology and the next big thing to shape our lives and future.Developing applications on the blockchain is certainly something that's new and cutting edge.

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          Product Engineering

          Logicsoft International uses open web technologies such as Web Browser front ends, Java based forms, and hyperlinks and backend database access through automatic script generators. .

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          Cloud/Hosting Services

          With our growth from a Software Service Provider to an integrated Solutions Partner to our client-base, came the responsibility to ensure that the web and cloud infrastructure deploying.

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            APEDA has been given National Award for e-Governance for the year 2007-08 under the category of ‚ÄúSpecial Sectoral Award-Focus sector Agriculture" for GrapeNet traceability system by Department of Administrative Reforms.. APEDA's GrapeNet wins GOLD Award for e-governance   
            Agricultural and Processed Food Products Export Development Authority (APEDA) has recently won in Taiwan the eAsia Award for developing Traceability software used for tracking organic foods. This was informed to FnB.. - Logicsoft's TraceNet software for APEDA wins eAsia Award   
            Logicsoft's long term client and long time partner in the Agriculture Industry, Agricultural and Processed Food Products Export Development Authority (APEDA), has undertaken number of traceability.. - Agricultural Leadership Award, 2011   

          Our Products

          inteliscan- Engage and Assure Instantly

          Our mission is to help you empower your customers & stakeholders to engage with you or get assured by you instantly. Intelliscan offers an effective way to Generate, Manage and Analyze the Quick Response code commonly known as QR Code.  Read More

          manageoffice- The Solution and the need.

          manageoffice software has been designed with an objective to integrate various, seemingly unrelated, activities within an organization and help reduce the movement of hard copy papers within an organization.   Read More

          Universal App For After-Sales Services

          Zervicio.com offers enterprises cloud based After Sales Service solution for automating customer support providing seamless service experiences for customers and in-house service teams.  Read More

          Asset Tracking Management System

          Working for more than a decade with multi-discipline customers, domains and industries has helped us to identify the key areas of focus, challenges and tasks for the IT Managers and Asset Managers in large organizations.   Read More

          Case Studies

          Food & Agri
          Food and Agriculture Sector is one of the oldest industry vertical we have been focusing on...  Read More
          Logicsoft was part of very early and pioneering eGovernance initiatives in India... Read More
          Logicsoft's journey into the Publishing Industry started off in the year of 1996 and continues... Read More
          Logicsoft has successfully designed traceability solutions, which can be customized for any Food Product. Read More